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2016-08-27 08:36

Yesterday morning, I felt dizzy and almost collapsed, so I had to grab the bannister of my stairs to support me.
I called my language school to cancel three French and English lessons.
I could've gone to the university hospital by taxi for an examination, but I am too stubborn to admit I am sick.
In the morning, I did nothing and waited for the time when I could drive to the market to go shopping for dinner. Then I went to my father's place as usual since I had recovered a little bit without seeing any doctors.
I didn't tell my father about it as he always looks forward to chatting with me, he knows it prevents senility.

J'a eu la tête qui tourne hier matin, j'ai failli tomber.
J'ai dû m'appuyer à la rampe quand je marchais.
Mon père m'attend toujours, donc je n'ai pas pu lui dire que j'étais malade.