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2016-08-31 09:18

I had a few nice things happen yesterday. My Canadian teacher is back in Japan from his vacation and brought us some nice presents.

The other good news is that my old friend from kindergarten called me yesterday morning. She and I went to the same high school, and she said that she would go to our high school reunion this weekend.
She was a flight attendant for a long time, and I always admired her professional career. I was also proud of being a friend of hers.
Believe it or not, I still keep all the postcards she sent me from all over the world.
So far, I've found out that I will be able to see three good friends of mine at the reunion. I can't wait to see all of them at the reunion.

Mon professeur canadien est rentré du Canada et m'a donné des cadeaux.
Après qu'il est sorti, j'ai reçu un coup de téléphone de ma vieille amie qui est allée au même lycée. Elle était hôtesse de l'air et elle m'envoyait des cartes postales de chaque pays qu'elle visitait comme dans le film Amélie. Nous nous verrons à la réunion des anciens etudiants ce week-end. Je suis sûre que je pourrai voir au moins trois très bonnes amies.