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2016-09-30 07:49

One of the friends who came to see me the other day said that after she glanced at my hands, she thought I must've had a hard time since I got married. She also lived with her in-laws for a long time, so she understood my situation.
I was kind of relieved to know that I am not the only person who went through difficult times.

L'une de mes amies qui est venue avant hier m'a dit que j'avais dû passer des moments difficiles après avoir jeté un coup d'œil sur mes mains. Elle a aussi habité avec ses beaux-parents pendant longtemps, elle a pu comprendre ma situation.
J'étais un peu soulagée parce que je ne suis pas la seule qui a beaucoup souffert.


2016-09-29 08:11

One of my friends who visited me last Tuesday, said that during our high school reunion party earlier this month, she spotted me but failed to speak to me as I was chatting with my old English teacher.

She even came up to the table where I was sItting and checked my name tag with our maiden names on them to make sure it was me, then she went back to her table to tell her companions that the tiny woman was me.

When I look back on my high school days, I was not confident about somethings. I was not enthusiastic about being close to my peers, so I was a bit surprised to hear her story.

L'une de mes amies qui est venue mardi dernier m'a dit qu'elle m'avait remarquée à la fête de la réunion des anciens élèves du lycée.
Elle s'est approchée de moi pour vérifier mon nom sur mon badge, mais elle ne m'a pas parlé car je parlais avec mon ancien professeur d'englais.
J'étais timide et n'avais pas confiance en moi alors, donc j'ai été surprise qu'elle se souvienne encore de moi.


2016-09-28 07:43

It was a big surprise that two of my old friends from high school dropped by. They asked me if I could remember them, but I was honest and told them that I couldn't remember them.
As soon as they told me their names though, I was able to recognize them. I also remembered that one of them was a member of the brass band who played the clarinet while I played the flute. I was so stupid, how could I have forgotten her.
They said that they had a really good time talking to me and would come back to see me again. It was good timing as my father had told me that he would have a visitor yesterday afternoon, so I didn't need to go there and was able to stay home.

C'était une grande surprise que deux anciennes amies du lycée passent me voir hier après-midi à l'improviste.
Elles m'ont demandé si je pouvais les reconnaître, mais je leur ai répondu que "non".
L'une des deux était membre de l'orchestre, et elle jouait de la clarinette, alors que je jouais de la flûte, donc je n'aurais pas dû l'oublier.
Toutes les deux m'ont dit qu'elles étaient contentes et voulez me voir encore.


2016-09-27 08:02

Yesterday evening, when I got back home from shopping and having dinner with my husband, I found I still had a lot to do before I could go to bed. That's why I never want to go anywhere. I became a homebody after I got married.
I bought a gift for my nephew's baby. It's a shame I didn't take a photo before they wrapped it.

Hier soir j'ai trouvé beaucoup de choses à faire après être rentrée chez moi. C'est la raison pour laquelle je n'aime pas sortir, et que je suis devenue casanière.
Mon mari et moi sommes allés dans un grand magasin et avons dîné en ville. J'ai acheté un cadeau pour le bébé de mon neveu. C'est dommage que je ne l'aie pas pris en photo avant de l'avoir enveloppé.


2016-09-26 08:18


Yesterday afternoon, my nephew took me and my father to the hospital next to his town to show us their newborn baby.
His wife and their baby boy were lucky enough to stay in the most expensive room in the ward.
My father looked moved to see his first great-grand child so closely, but he was too small and delicate to touch.

Mon neveu m'a emmené à l'hôpital où sa femme et leur nouveau-né étaient ensemble. Leur chambre était la meilleure de l'hôpital. Sa femme semblait heureuse, et le bébé était très petit et fragile.
Jusqu'à récemment mon père n'aurait pas pu imaginer vivre assez longtemps pour voir son premier arrière-petit-enfant.