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2016-10-05 07:55

A woman who lives far away sometimes sends me biscuits in the shape of pigeons (Hato-sablé ) since she thinks it's my son's favorite snack and that he is still a child.
I really appreciate her thoughtfulness, so I haven't had the heart to tell her that my son has grown up, and that he doesn't care for sweets any more. Besides, he is almost completely independent.
She would be disappointed if she knew, so I keep sending her a present in return, without telling her about my son.

Une femme qui habite loin m'envoye chaque année une boite de biscuits qui ont la forme d'un pigeon, ils s'appellent "Hato-Sablé"
Elle pense que mon fils est encore petit mais il est déjà adulte et indépendant.
Je ne peux pas lui dire la vérité, à la place donc je lui envoie un cadeau.