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2016-10-08 08:33

I felt dizzy yesterday morning, so I wanted to stay home. I called my language school to tell them that I wouldn't be able to go but no one answered the phone. I realized it was too early to call them at 8 o'clock.
I thought about how I had wasted my money again, and it was the 9th time I had been absent this year. I could've bought a nice custom made dress for what I spent on classes I couldn't attend.
It was lucky for my father, as I was home when he called me.
His voice sounded desperate, he asked if I could take him to his eye doctor, now that his left eye had became totally blind.
I mustered up some strength, quickly finished shopping for dinner, and hurried to my father's place to help him.

Je me suis sentie mal hier matin, je n'ai encore pas pu aller à l'école de langue.
Pendant que j'étais à la maison, mon père m'a téléphoné et m'a dit que ses yeux ne voyaient plus. Soudain le monde est devenu noir, mais il peut maintenant voir un peu avec son œil droit. Il m'a demandé de l'emmener chez l'occuliste.
J'étais pressé et n'ai pas eu le temps de m'inquiéter pour moi même.