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2016-10-11 07:56

(This is a photo of a present from my blogger friend and the receipt of the restaurant we went to yesterday.猫さんと絵と私とNEccoSunの絵の展示会へ行ったあと横浜中華街で食事して帰ってきました。写真はNEccoSunから頂いたお土産とレストランのレシート)
Yesterday, we went to Yokohama, so my husband suggested we have Chinese food since we were near Chinatown. It was still only 5 o'clock, but we went to a Chinese restaurant right after we left the gallery where my blogger friend had her exhibition.
It was a hectic day, but I felt fulfilled and my stomach was also full as we rode home on the bullet train.

Nous sommes allés à Yokohama hier pour voir une amie blogueuse.
Mon mari m'a dit qu'il voulait manger de la cuisine chinoise car il y a beaucoup de restaurants chinois là-bas.
Hier j'étais occupée, mais satisfaite toute la journée.