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2016-10-14 08:15

I'd never been in such panic before, but my mind shut down because the clock in my car indicated it was already 9:30. I told my father I would be able to meet him in front of the entrance of the hospital by 8:40. He was supposed to wait for me after getting a ride from my nephew, who has been very kind to my father.
It was nice of him to drive my father there early in the morning even though he was busy with work. All I could picture was my half-blind father with his walker all alone, waiting for me for almost an hour.
I was so relieved when I realized that my clock was an hour ahead. It was reset to the wrong time by mistake.

J'ai été prise de panique quand j'ai vu qu'il était déjà 9h30!
Mon neveu a été gentil, il a emmené mon père à l'hôpital ce matin, mais il devait aller travailler après alors il a dû laisser mon père qui est malvoyant seul devant l'entrée de l'hôpital.
Mais, j'ai réalisé que l'heure dans ma voiture avait une heure d'avance, et en fait il était encore 8h30, j'étais vraiment soulagée.