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2016-10-18 08:07

The train I took yesterday morning at 7:51 was not that crowded.
I sometimes take a train at 8:35, but it always makes me feel sick because it's usually crammed and there is an overwhelming smell of body odor.
My father's ophthalmologist said that his right eye also would go totally blind if he doesn't get treatment immediately. So we waited 3 hours for the injection to stabilize it, then he is going to undergo an operation on the 19th of October.
When I got back home at 5:50, I felt tired and didn’t feel like doing anything . Come to think of it, I was standing all day long.

J'ai pris le train à 7h51 ce matin, il n'était pas encombré. Mais je prends parfois le train à 8h35 qui sent mauvais car il y a beaucoup de monde.
Hier mon père a eu une injection pour son œil droit et il va subir une operation pour son œil gauche.
Je suis rentrée chez moi à 17h50, très fatiguée car toute la journée j'étais debout.