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2016-10-21 08:07

It was another hectic day yesterday.
After the operation for my father's left eye, his doctor said that his condition would be stable for a while, but his retina would become detached in the near future.
I was with him for a while until he said that he wanted to take a nap.
So I came back home to do some housework, and then I went to the hospital again in the evening. I asked my son to go with me as I thought seeing his grandson would cheer him up.

J'étais encore très occupée hier. C'était une autre journée intense. Je suis partie de chez moi à 8h40.
Après l'opération pour l'œil de mon père, le docteur m'a dit que son oeil aura encore des problèmes.
Je suis rentrée chez moi pour donner à manger à mes chats et je suis de nouveau allée à l'hôpital avec mon fils le soir.
Je suis fatiguée, mais le plus dur est passé.