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2016-10-23 08:35

I always think that women put on makeup and dress well for other fashion conscious women.
People tend to judge others by their appearances, hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and handbags.
I wear a nice dress when I go out because I feel refreshed, and comfortable in public.

Je pense que les femmes se maquillent à cause des critiques des autres femmes.
On juge les personnes sur leurs visages, leurs coiffures, leur maquillage, leurs vêtements, et leurs sacs à main.
Je porte des vêtements de ville quand je sors pour être comfortable en public.


There aren't any people who have a visual acuity of 2.0 in both eyes around me except my English teachers.
Japanese people notoriously have weak eyesight.
As for myself, my eyesight has begun to fail and my old glasses aren't the right strength for my eyes, so I've ordered new glasses today.