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2016-10-25 06:14

Yesterday, after a quick lunch, I went to a drug store to get my father a few things. In the hospital I arranged the inside of his carry-bag and suitcase which have so many of his belongings.
My brother came to bring him spare clothes when I was about to leave.
Days like this have become my regular lifestyle.

Today he can be discharged from the hospital. I will go there and pack his stuff and send him to his house by taxi.
He still canot see well, but his doctor said his vision right now is the best it will be.

I bought a box of chocolate for myself today. Before I was only able to get brand name chocolate in department stores, but now there is a corner for sweets even in the supermarket in my town.
I drink beer in the evening, but sweets are the best treat during the day in this season.

J'ai acheté une boite de chocolats pour moi-même.
Avant, on ne pouvait pas acheter des gâteaux de marque dans mon village, mais récemment on en trouve dans un rayon de mon supermarché. Je bois de la bière le soir, mais les chocolats sont mon petit plaisir de journée cette saison.