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2016-10-26 08:06

(素材はみな違いますがなぜか紺色の服が多いです。They look the same, but all are made of different material.)

Yesterday morning, as soon as I got to the hospital, I quickly packed my father's stuff up and waited for my brother to pick him up. One of the nurses spoke to me and asked me what my job was, because, according to her, I looked refined, so she thought I must've had a good job. I was happy to hear it as I am a simple person. It was drizzling outside and rather dark, but my mind was clear as my father was being discharged.
When I got back home in the evening, my employees were waiting for me and they kept me busy.

Dès que je suis arrivée à l'hôpital, j'ai rangé les affaires de mon père.
Une des infirmières m'a parlé et m'a dit que je semblais raffinée et que je devais avoir un bon métier. J'étais très contente car je suis simple.