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2016-10-28 04:54

My husband occasionally buys me cheesecake when he wants to eat Mont Blanc (chestnut cake) since he feels guilty if he only gets cake for himself.
Yesterday, he bought me 5 pieces of a cheese tart which had a lemon flavor. I ate it with my French teacher who happened to be with me. She usually eats whatever I serve her, and she sometimes brings me cream puffs. I can't learn much French while eating sweets, but it's enjoyable.

Mon mari m'achète des gâteaux au fromage quand il veut manger des Monts-blancs car il se sent coupable s'il les mange seul.
Hier il m'a acheté 5 morceaux de tarte au fromage. J'en ai mangé avec ma professeur française. Elle m'apporte parfois des choux à la crème. En mangeant des gâteaux je ne peux pas trop étudier, mais c'est agréable.