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2016-10-31 08:48

18 F
(昨晩、親戚を招待した名古屋観光ホテルの18階レストランでの写真です、食事が始まったらその後は写真撮り忘れてしまいました。Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them, I only have one which is of the table prepared for us.)

Yesterday, our 15 relatives got together in the restaurant on the 28th floor of the Kanko Hotel.
It's rare for me to invite all of my family members to dinner, it was the first time in a few years. So, some of them were surprised to see my son who has grown up and become very thin. I had a good time having French dishes and nice wine with them.

Hier toute la famille est venue au restaurant au 18ème étage de l'hôtel Kanko à Nagoya. Ils étaient étonnés que mon fils soit grand et mince.
J'ai passé un bon moment avec eux en mangeant de la cuisine française avec du vin.