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2016-11-01 05:13

I usually wear a ring which suits the color of my dress for the day.
Today I am going to put on a ruby as I want to feel happier wearing a rose patterned dress.

Today, my father has an appointment with his eye doctors at the hospital in Jingumae. I am going to his place to pick him up before 10 and after the examination and going to the pharmacy, I will have to take him back to his house.
I hope I will be able to get back home by the time my husband wants to have dinner. People around me sometimes ask me why I have to sacrifice my time instead of asking someone else to do these things.

Aujourd'hui je dois aller à l'hôpital avec mon père et je rentrerai chez moi tard. Beaucoup de monde me demande pourquoi je fais comme ça pour mon père, mais je ne peux pas leur répondre.