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2016-11-02 08:14


Yesterday morning, before I went to my father's place to pick him up to go the hospital, I had to go to the convenience store to send pay some bills. I also bought two rolls and cream puffs for my lunch, but I noticed that they would expire at 2 o'clock in the morning today. I got upset since I bought them right before the convenience store was supposed to replace them with fresh ones. So I ate two in the evening after I came back home from the hospital, as I didn't want to waste them, which is rare for someone who prefers beer if it is after 4 o'clock.

J'ai acheté des gâteaux (deux choux à la crème et biscuits roulés) à la supérette hier, mais j'ai remarqué qu'ils allaient passer la date limite de consommation 17 heures après. Je n'ai pas voulu les gâcher et les ai mangés le soir même après être rentrée de l'hôpital. C'est très rare pour moi de faire ça car d'habitude je bois de la bière quand c'est 4h passées, pas des gâteaux.