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2016-11-07 07:59

Yesterday, we went to the French restaurant, Escoffier, but this time we didn't choose the course they recommended, as we had had French food a few times in a row recently, so we didn't need a full course menu.
The reason we went to the same restaurant was that the coupon we had would have become invalid on the 22nd of this month, so we didn't want to waste it.
The total was 36,350 yen. I can't say we made a profit, but we saved some money, as we paid only 26,360 yen.

Nous sommes allés au restaurant de l'hôtel Kanko hier. Mon mari m'a dit qu'il avait des points qu'il voulait utiliser car la date limite était le 22 de ce mois.
Ils m'ont demandé 36,350 yen, mais j'ai seulement payé 26,350 yen en utilisant les points, mais je ne sais pas si c'était avantageux ou non.