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2016-11-08 07:49

We often receive pamphlets in the mail from hotel restaurants. In them, we can see the new seasonal dishes and the prices. They try to lure us to eat there with what looks like reasonable prices, but in fact they offer deals like, "Course A" for ¥12,000 but also encourage the costly choice of changing the meat to your favorite type. This is how they get you. That change is often for a much more expensive piece of meat and the price can increase to over ¥40,000.
Maybe it's better to tell them first that I prefer beef to other meat, so that I can estimate the total before I order it.

Je reçois toujours les brochures des restaurants des hôtels. Je peux connaître les plats saisonniers, et ils nous attirent avec des prix raisonnables.
Pourtant le prix change quand je choisis le bœuf que je préfère.
Je dépasse le prix plus encore avec les boissons, donc je n'économise jamais à l'extérieur.