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2016-11-13 06:09

There weren't any clouds in the sky yesterday. The leaves are changing color. I am sure people are starting to go on excursions to view the autumn leaves.
Unfortunately, I am not a romantic person. If I have time I'd rather do something profitable than going somewhere.
In the morning, I did my bookkeeping and finished shopping earlier than usual and I sat down in front of the piano to catch up on my practice. But suddenly remembered that the day before yesterday was the birthday of my young friend. I sent him a belated birthday message, and soon after he replied to me to say thank you. He is half Japanese and he lived in Japan for a while, but he didn't speak Japanese at all when he came to see us last time.

Sans un nuage le ciel était clair hier.
Les feuilles rougissent, je suis sûre qu'il y a beaucoup de monde qui va aller voir les feuillages d'automne.
Malheureusement je ne suis pas une personne très romantique, je préfère rester chez moi que sortir.
Hier j'ai envoyé un message à un ami pour son anniversaire. Il a habité au Japon quand il était petit, mais il ne parle pas japonais.