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2016-11-19 07:50

Yesterday, my father gave me one of his transportation passes for trains and buses because doesn't use it anymore. He might not have given it to me if he knew I already had the same one. Anyway, he noticed that I had been spending a lot of money on transportation to go to the hospital in Nagoya, and for things like, gasoline, toll roads, and offerings to our family Buddhist alter in his room.
The card he gave me should cover my expenses for a while.

Hier, mon père m'a donné une carte électronique pour trains et bus parce qu'il ne l'utilise plus. Il ne me l'aurait pas donnée s'il avait su que je l'avais déjà.
J'ai dépensé beaucoup d'argent en transports et offrandes pour Buddha récemment. La carte va couvrir mes frais pour le moment.