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2016-11-20 07:56

mike wine

Sometimes, I feel it is not my day. Yesterday, while I was serving rice to many statues of Buddha as an offering first thing in the morning, I dropped one of the ceramic rice bowls.
As soon as I finished my daily routine. I went to the pharmacy that I often go to. At the till, a young woman was working, I assumed she was hired recently and was still learning the ropes of her new job. As I suspected, she was not up to speed as she forgot to add some points on my rewards card even though customers like me who buy a lot can get an extra 100 points for every 3000 yen we spend. Since I had spent more than 31,000 yen, she should have added 1000 points which I could then use to purchase other goods at a value of ¥1000. However she only added 100 points to my receipt. I only noticed this discrepancy when I got back home.
In the afternoon, I went to my language school and chatted with a few teachers, which is the best way to get rid of my frustration.
My American teacher brought me a bottle of American wine from his vacation, so it was not that bad of a day after all.

Je suis allée à la pharmacie où je vais toujours. Hier il y avait une jeune fille à la caisse et elle a oublié de me donner 1000 points sur ma carte de fidélité. Je l'ai remarqué après être rentrée chez moi. Elle ne savait pas qu'elle devait donner 100 points pour chaque 3000 yens depensés par les clients. J'ai payé 31000 yens, donc j'aurais dû recevoir 1000 points, mais elle m'a seulement donné 100 points.
Le matin j'ai cassé un des bols pour Bouddha, et j'ai pensé que ce n'était pas ma journée, mais à l'école de langue j'ai pu parler avec mes professeurs, et un Américain m'a rapporté une bouteille de vin des États-Unis.