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2016-11-21 07:49

My brother and I celebrated our father's birthday with a party yesterday. He turned 89 years old.
My husband and my brother's family got together at a restaurant where we sometimes go. The other day, my father said he would like a new cashmere sweater, so I looked for one at a department store yesterday. Since it was 100 percent cashmere, it cost a lot and the dinner was also expensive, but it was worth it as my father looked happy.

Hier nous sommes allés au restaurant où nous allons souvent.
Mon père a 89 ans maintenant, nous avons fêté son anniversaire et nous nous sommes bien amusés.
Mon père m'a dit qu'il avait besoin d'un pull-over en cachemire. Je suis allée dans un grand magasin hier. J'en ai acheté un mais il était cher car c'était du 100% cachemire, mais il en vaut la peine.