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2016-11-29 06:17

I rarely eat Japanese sweets since I prefer cake, but it was a pleasant change to eat a traditional Japanese cake made from rice flour.

Je mange rarement de gateaux japonais car je préfère les gâteaux occidentaux, mais c'était pour moi un agréable changement de goûter à un gâteau traditionnel japonais à base de farine de riz.


Some people believe that only listening to English CDs will improve their English and eventually they can speak it fluently. Some people are naturally gifted and can put in little to no effort and can still memorize vocabulary and speak foreign languages fluently, but unfortunately the majority of people need a lot of training and have to review what they learn.
As for myself, I tend to neglect my original intention nowadays, I should not make the excuse that my father keeps me busy.

On dit qu'écouter des CD fait progresser pour l'étude des langues, mais je pense que ce n'est pas vrai, nous devons travailler sur le long terme.
Dans mon cas, je dois me souvenir de mon enthousiasme originel de débutante.
Je ne dois pas prendre comme prétexte le fait que mon père me donne beaucoup de travail.