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2016-11-30 05:10

Thanks to the good weather, so many people visited the temple.
I left the temple's teeming precincts quickly as I had noticed that I was getting in the way of people taking photos.
J'ai vite quitté l'enceinte du temple car je gênais les gens qui prenaient des photos.

My son's piano skills have progressed a lot since he got a new piano teacher last year.
I am also thankful for his former teacher, who let him play his favorite pop songs, which helped him maintain the motivation to continue to practice the piano. She was pleased to know that my son would be able to play two pieces in the student concert next month after a two-year-break, next month.

Mon fils a une nouvelle professeur de piano maintenant à Tokyo, et grâce à elle il a fait des progrès rapides.
Je remercie aussi sa première professeur qui le laissait jouer des morceaux de musique pop, c'était bon pour sa motivation. Elle est très contente car il va participer au concert de Noël le mois prochain après deux années d'absence.