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2016-12-01 08:01

Another gift season has already come and gone.
I don't eat many apples, but I have received a few boxes of them from my relatives this year.
Recently, seven of my husband's female friends from elementary school visited him when they passed through our town. They seemed to enjoy the tea and Japanese sweets I offered them, and they chatted with us for over an hour. Then they promised to come back to see us again. They said that all of them already have grandchildren, but their lives are still relatively tranquil and they have enough time to do things for themselves. I was envious of those wealthy, leisured women.

Récemment sept femmes amies de mon mari sont venues chez nous alors qu'elles passaient par notre ville.
Elles semblaient heureuses avec leurs familles et toutes avaient déjà des petits enfants. Elle ont le temps de se relaxer et de faire beaucoup de choses.
J'envie leurs vies.