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2016-12-04 07:55

I went to my English school's Christmas party last night, and Santa stopped by for a beer or two. Here he is with one of the students - a doctor from Mie Prefecture.

At the party I went to last night, the man who was sitting across the table from me was unsociable at first, but he became friendly little by little.
He used to work at the Nagoya University Hospital as a surgeon, but now he has his own clinic, and his son works at the university hospital instead.
According to him, surgeons must be young as the operations sometimes last 24 hours. It was interesting to hear about the medical field.

L'homme qui était devant moi a commencé à être sympathique.
Il a beaucoup parlé de son travail. Il est chirurgien, avant à l'université de Nagoya, et maintenant il a sa propre clinique. Selon lui, les chirurgiens doivent être jeunes car les opérations durent parfois 24 heures.