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2016-12-06 05:04


Some of our English teachers performed a few songs at our Christmas party on Saturday.
We must prepare for the cold weather, since the forecast says the temperature will suddenly drop tomorrow. Since it's been warm recently, I tend to forget that it's now winter. So yesterday, I took out my coats from the closet for the first time this year.
The flu breaks out every year, before we notice and we are often unprepared. Fortunately, I haven't caught it for ages, even though my family had It a few times.
I hope I don't catch the flu this year too.

La météo dit qu'il fera froid demain.
Récemment il fait doux, j'oublie que nous sommes en hiver, mais tous les ans la température descend soudainement.
Hier j'ai sorti mes manteaux de mon placard pour la première fois.
Heureusement j'ai rarement attrapé la grippe même si ma famille était parfois grippée, cette année aussi je voudrais être immunisée contre elle.