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2016-12-12 05:12

Yesterday, when my son and I were passing the entrance of the concert hall after the student piano concert, a few people who seemed to be parents of the performers spoke to us.
They said my son was talented and they wanted to listen to more of his piano playing. And one of them asked my son's age and if he has still been taking piano lessons seriously.
On the way home, my son said to me that she looked very competitive as she frequently mentioned her son who used to play the piano and violin like him, even though she praised my son's performance.

Hier après le concert de piano, plusieurs personnes nous ont parlé et ils nous ont dit que mon fils avait joué du piano habilement, ils voulaient l'écouter encore. Une des femmes nous a dit que son fils jouait du piano et du violon comme lui et pourtant elle a félicité mon fils.
En chemin mon fils m'a dit qu'elle semblait très compétitive.