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2016-12-26 08:13

Yesterday I was able to clean up the upstairs rooms, including my son's bed room, as my son said he would be back in a few days, so I had to hurry up.
We are going to go to a concert this week, even if I am awfully busy, as it is an annual event.
My son's old teacher from high school has a daughter who plays the violin in the NHK junior orchestra, and she is going to be on stage this time too, so we must go.

J'ai pu ranger l'étage hier, la chambre de mon fils aussi. Il m'a dit qu'il allait rentrer dans quelques jours, j'ai dû avancer le nettoyage.
Nous allons aller ensemble au concert cette semaine même si je suis terriblement occupée car c'est un événement annuel.