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2016-12-28 08:37

3 cats
(It was a warm day, here are three of my brother's cats basking in the sun.実家の裏庭で日向ぼっこする猫たち)

I took my son to my father's place yesterday. His face lit up when he saw my son, and said he would like to give a money gift to him. I said that he was turning 22 years old next spring, so he didn't need to think of it. I promised him that we would come again, as soon as my son's winter vacation started. I was glad to see him smiling.
J'ai emmené mon fils chez mon père hier. Son visage a brillé de joie et il a dit qu'il voulait lui donner de l'argent en cadeau.
Je lui ai dit qu'il n'était plus un enfant, il aura 22 ans dans trois mois.
J'ai promis que nous allions revenir pendant que mon fils est en vacances.