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2017-01-02 08:20

I managed to play the piano for 30 minutes early in the morning before my son occupied it.
He played it for 5 hours as usual. I am often amazed by his persistence.
I've had a lot of visitors say "Happy New Year" to us, as I was busy serving tea during the day. So the first day of this year went by quickly.

J'ai pu trouver le temps de jouer du piano de bon matin avant que mon fils se l'accapare. Il continue toujours de jouer du piano pendant 5 heures, je suis étonnée par sa persévérance.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu beaucoup de visiteurs à qui j'ai servi le thé. Le premier jour de cette année est passé vite.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.