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2017-01-18 07:51

I've been ordering milk from two delivery companies for over 20 years now. I started just before my son was born. My son used to love milk, but he doesn't drink much milk nowadays, and neither does my husband. So, I find myself with a surplus of milk to go through each week. I would like to cancel or reduce my orders, but the sales people are quite pushy, and I can't bring myself to say no to their pitches. Luckily my teachers, who come to my house sometimes, drink it, so all the bottles don't go to waste.

Je commande du lait à deux sociétés de livraison depuis plus de 20 ans, juste avant la naissance de mon fils.
Il n'en boit pas beaucoup et mon mari non plus récemment et je voudrais annuler ou réduire mes commandes, mais les vendeurs sont assez insistants, donc je bois 7 ou 10 bouteilles (180 ml chacune) tous les jours.