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2017-01-26 07:40


Yesterday morning, I went to the graveyard, as it is my habit to go there on Wednesdays to serve water and replace the flowers. It was a cold morning, and the water in the cups in front of the tombs was frozen. As I was picking daffodils near there I lost track of time checking the time, and my French teacher was waiting for me in my living room as I had told him before that the door is always open and he could come in anytime.
He brought me his delicious, homemade cheese cake in the shape of the numbers of my age. Soon after I said Bonjour to him, I received congratulatory messages from my son, my other French teachers, my American, Canadian, Australian, and British teachers.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the museum as I had planned, because of my husband's work. instead, my husband bought me a small box of ganache for a present. I hope we can go to Aichi Prefectural Art museum in a few weeks as I already have tickets.
After work, I went to my father's place. He had a slight cold, but he looked fine. All in all, it was a fairly placid day.

Hier matin, je suis allée au cimetière car c'est mon habitude d'y aller les mercredis pour offrir de l'eau et des fleurs. J'ai cueilli des jonquilles près de là sans regarder l'heure, mon professeur de français m'attendait.
Il m'a apporté son exellent gâteau au fromage délicieux qu'il a fait lui même.
Le gâteau formait les chiffres de mon âge. Ensuite, j'ai reçu des mots de félicitations de mon fils, et de mon autre professeur de français, de mes professeurs américains, canadiens, australiens et anglais. Malheureusement, nous ne pouvions pas aller au musée à cause du travail de mon mari, mais il m'a acheté une petite boîte de ganaches.
L'après-midi, je suis allée chez mon père. Il avait un léger rhume, mais il avait l'air bien. En gros c'était un jour.