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2017-01-30 07:56

The outdoor markets near my house are held on every day that ends in the number 9.
Yesterday morning, the market was teeming with people as it was warm for January.
Generally, people like these types of outside markets, but to be honest, I've never enjoyed shopping there, because I can't avoid talking to the vendors. They sometimes compliment me on my clothes or appearance which sounds superficial to me.
I may sound cranky, but I don't think they are speaking from the heart, so their words are lost on me.

Il faisait doux hier matin, il y avait beaucoup de monde au marché près de ma maison.
Certaines personnes aiment ces types de marchés extérieurs, mais je n'ai jamais aimé faire du shopping car je n'ai pas envie de parler avec les vendeurs. Ils me complimentent parfois sur mes vêtements et mon apparence, ce qui me semble superficiel. J'ai peut-être l'esprit étroit, mais je ne peux me réjouir de leurs paroles.