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2017-02-04 07:51


Last year, I had my house's outside walls fixed and painted. I liked the former brick pattern wall which I had chosen myself when we first built the house, but the company didn't have the same material any more after 18 years.
Now we live in the refurbished house, but my husband and son sometimes say that they miss our old house's walls and grumble about the new walls.
I understand my family's feelings, as I liked the brown walls too. Besides, I was glad when people said to me that I had a good taste, and that the design looked chic.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find a better color among the samples, so I ended up choosing the ordinary color.
Yesterday, the sky was clear, and the contrast between our off-white walls and the blue sky was beautiful.
So, I convinced myself that my choice was not bad after all, besides, I had to have it renovated as some part of the walls were damaged.

L'année dernière, j'ai fait refaire et repeindre le mur extérieur de ma maison. J'aimais l'ancien mur en briques que j'avais choisi quand nous avons construit notre nouvelle maison, mais la société n'avait plus le même matériau 18 ans après.
Maintenant, nous habitons dans une maison rénovée, mais mon mari et mon fils disent parfois que la couleur de l'ancien mur leur manque.
Hier, le ciel était clair, le contraste entre notre mur blanc cassé et le ciel bleu était magnifique.
Puis je me suis convaincue que mon choix n'était pas si mauvais après tout, d'ailleurs j'étais obligée de le faire rénover car une partie du mur était endommagée