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2017-02-08 07:54

The fickle nature of cats! They are an enigma, especially compared to dogs, who wear their emotions on their sleeves.

I've been taking care of all my cats, feeding them and cleaning out their litter boxes, but one of them still seems to prefer my husband. He doesn't know who is the most important person for him.
He stays in my husband's den most of the time, and licks my husband's face as if to show his devotion to him, but he only looks happy and purrs for me when I give him food. When I am out, he waits for me on my slippers, not on my husband's, but just because he is hungry. I think he must realize how much I have to sacrifice my free time for him.

Je m'occupe de mes chats tous les jours, en les nourrissant et en nettoyant leurs bacs à litière, mais malgré ça l'un d'entre eux semble préférer mon mari.
Il reste dans la tanière de mon mari la plupart du temps, et il lui lèche le visage comme s'il lui montrait son dévouement, mais il ronronne seulement avec moi quand je lui donne de la nourriture.