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2017-02-16 07:46


I often talk about my cats with my teachers, and how much I worry about stray cats as they sleep outside even in the coldest season. Some of them became friendly and stay under the roof of our garage or the eaves.
Yesterday, my Canadian teacher brought me a cat house which he made himself for one of my outside cats who can't get along with my other cats. I've been trying to tame him, but he is too timid to come up to our house where the other cats hang around.
It was nice of my teacher to think of the cat, spend his time building the house, and bring it here with his family. I put it in a nook near my house, and put my old sweater in it hoping the cat finds it a comfortable niche.

Mon professeur canadien a fait une niche pour l'un des chats errants qui ne s'entend pas avec les autres. J'ai essayé de l'apprivoiser, mais il est trop timide pour venir chez nous, là où les autres chats restent.
C'était gentil de sa part de penser à ce chat et de passer du temps à construire la niche et de l'apporter ici avec sa famille. Je l'ai mise dans un coin près de ma maison avec mon vieux pull-over en espérant que le chat la trouvera confortable.