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2017-02-17 06:13


Recently, a couple we know told us that it's been two years since their son quit his job. It was the last thing they expected, as their son graduated from good schools, and they believed that his future would be promising.
Unfortunately, he was not able to acclimatise himself to his new environment even though he got a good job after university because his work was not what he was expecting.
His parents have been worrying about him and providing everything for him.
Just recently, I happened to hear the word "cocooning" on the radio, and, it said that there are many young people just like him nowadays who don't want to go out into the world. And it is not a phenomenon in Japan but in other countries as well.

Une de nos connaissances nous a récemment dit qu'il y a deux ans que leur fils a quitté son travail.
Il semblait que son avenir était prometteur car il a fait de bonnes écoles.
Malheureusement, il n'a pas pu s'adapter au milieu même s'il avait obtenu un bon emploi après l'université.
Apparemment son travail était un peu dur et pas ce qu'il en attendait.
Ses parents s'inquiétaient pour lui et se sont occupés de tout pour lui.
Récemment j'ai entendu le mot «cocooning» à la radio. De nos jours il y a beaucoup de jeunes qui ne veulent pas voir du monde comme lui.