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2017-02-24 06:58


I was happy to know that the stray cat has been using the cat house which my Canadian teacher made for him. Especially on a night like last night, as it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. He must have felt comfortable inside it.
The other cat I have been feeding outside often rubs himself against me, and he doesn't hesitate to come into my house nowadays.
He must think that I am his owner. When he caught a sparrow recently, (poor bird!) he came up to me holding the bird in his mouth to show it to me.
I hear that is one of the habits of domestic cats, they want to show off their bird-catching skills.

Je suis très contente de savoir que le chat errant ait utilisé la niche que mon professeur canadien avait faite pour lui. Surtout comme pendant la nuit dernière où il pleuvait et soufflait dur, il devait se sentir à l'aise à l'intérieur.
L'autre chat que je nourris à l'extérieur se frotte contre moi, et il n'hésite pas à entrer dans ma maison de nos jours.
Il doit penser que je suis sa propriétaire, car il a récemment attrapé un moineau ( pauvre oiseau!), et il est venu vers moi tenant le fruit de sa chasse dans sa gueule pour me le montrer.