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2017-02-28 07:44

He gave me permission to post his photo.

My Australian teacher and his wife came over to see me yesterday.
He played a piece of blues on the piano for me, and then we chatted while eating lunch. Afterwards, we took a walk as it was warm outside.
Their dog was very smart and docile. It didn't even bark at my cats at all, and it seemed to enjoy being in a new place. According to them, their dog is picky about people and shy, but he took to me immediately as he sat in my shadow.
I really felt comfortable with them, as if they were my old friends.

Mon professeur australien et sa femme sont venus me voir hier.
Il a joué un morceau de blues sur le piano pour moi, puis nous avons discuté en déjeunant, et avons fait une promenade car Il faisait chaud dehors.
Leur chien était très intelligent et docile, il n'a même pas du tout aboyé contre mes chats, et semblait apprécier de marcher dans un nouvel endroit.
J'ai pu me relaxer avec eux comme s'ils étaient mes vieux amis.