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2017-03-01 07:30

My son has sent me mail that he wants to play the piano during the day time on his spring holidays, so he would like to know when my language teachers usually come and leave.
When he is in his condominium, he plays the piano as long as he wants, but at home he always has to think of the timing and wait until our living room becomes vacant. So he won't stay home for a long time this time again because of the inconvenience.
We are going to a concert soon which became our annual event.

Mon fils m'a envoyé un message disant qu'il voudra jouer du piano pendant la journée lors de ses vacances de printemps, alors il voulait savoir quand est-ce que mes professeurs de langue sont généralement à la maison.
Dans son appartement il joue du piano quand il veut, mais ici il doit toujours attendre que notre salon soit vacant. Il ne restera pas longtemps chez nous cette fois non plus à cause des désagréments que ça lui cause.