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2017-03-19 07:44

Yesterday, when I was about to leave, one of my acquaintances dropped by.
At first, I ignored the door bell as I didn't have much time, so I stood still and waited until he left, but he wouldn't give up,
The man was smiling and looked happy to see me.
I apologized for not serving tea but I explained that I was in a rush.
I gave him a box of chocolate which I was going to give to my father tomorrow. Some people might wonder why my friends don't call me, but
I often have visitors like him who come over unannounced.
In a sense I am glad that some people still like to see me after a long absence.

Hier, quand j'étais sur le point de partir, une de mes connaissances est venue.
Au début, j'ai ignoré la sonnerie de la porte car je n'avais pas beaucoup de temps, et j'ai attendu qu'il parte, mais il n'a pas abandonné. L'homme souriait et semblait heureux de me voir.
Je me suis excusée de ne pas pouvoir lui servir le thé et j'ai expliqué que j'étais pressée.
J'ai souvent des visiteurs comme lui qui arrivent sans prévenir.
En un sens, je suis heureuse que certaines personnes aiment encore me voir après une longue absence.