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2017-03-21 07:54

I sometimes tell my husband that he rarely smiles, which makes situations a bit awkward when he is around other people.
Recently, my American private teacher said that he was often nervous in front of my husband.
He seemed to think that my husband is rigid and unapproachable.
In fact, my husband is shy, but if someone brings him out of his shell, he becomes cheerful.

Yesterday, my husband, sister-in law and I had dinner with my American and French teachers in a restaurant called " L'Auberge De L'Ill." I hope that my husband's shy demeanor did not intimidate my guests.

Avant, j'ai dit à mon mari que parce qu'il sourit rarement ça rend les gens autour de lui mal à l'aise.
Récemment mon professeur privé américain a dit qu'il était souvent nerveux en présence de mon mari.
Il semblait penser que mon mari est rigide et inapprochable.
En fait, mon mari est timide, si quelqu'un lui parle, il devient joyeux.