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2017-03-22 07:45


My husband's best friend runs a kindergarten and cram school in Nagoya.
He is a self-described "photographer," and has his own art gallery in Toyota to display his photos. Many years ago, he wanted to take some photos of the aurora borealis and went to Canada, with my husband in tow. His business itself is his pastime. His insatiable pursuit of success and expanding his business is abnormal, as he only wants to splurge on his hobby, according to his wife.
He rarely comes to see us since he was diagnosed with diabetes, but he looked well when I saw him last year, and he talked a long time about his next big project.

Le meilleur ami de mon mari dirige une école maternelle et une école du soir à Nagoya.
Il a aussi sa propre galerie d'art à Toyota pour exposer ses photos. Il y a de nombreuses années, il voulait prendre quelques photos des aurores boréales et se rendre au Canada en emmenant mon mari avec lui.
Son travail lui-même est son passe-temps, et sa femme dit que la poursuite insatiable de ses passions est anormale et s'apparente à de la folie.
Il vient rarement nous voir de nos jours parce qu'il est devenu diabétique, mais il avait l'air bien, et a longuement parlé de son prochain projet quand je l'ai vu l'année dernière.