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2017-03-26 07:47

I had a lesson with an American teacher yesterday. He said that he has been interested in dancing, and teaching tap dance for many years. He is going to have a show in July, and he said he would like to invite me, if I was interested in it.
He said it was fun and a honour for him to be able to speak to me. Additionally, the fragrance I wore pleased him, he said.
He gave me all the compliments he could think of, which tickled my vanity.

L'homme américain à qui j'ai parlé aujourd'hui a dit qu'il s'intéressait à la danse et à l'enseignement de la danse.
Il aura un spectacle en juillet prochain, et il aimerait m'y inviter si je suis intéressée.
Il a dit que c'était amusant et un honneur pour lui de pouvoir me parler, en plus le parfum que j'ai mis lui plaisait.
Il me donna tous les compliments auxquels il pouvait penser, ce qui a chatouillé ma vanité