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2017-04-05 07:49

Children’s Day, which is on May 5th, used to be called “Tango no Sekku” or Boy’s Festival.
I remembered that my son received a lot of gifts and people wished him to grow up healthy on that day. Since I am a grand aunt, it is not necessary to give my grand nephew a gift, but I decided to buy something nice, so I left home late in the afternoon yesterday, went to a department store in Nagoya, and was able to find a moderately priced horse figure for the one-year-old boy.
In the corner there were many attractive ones, but I was surprised to find out that most of them cost over 200,000 yen.
My nephew is turning 29 years old next month, and like other young men, he looks very young, but he is now a reliable breadwinner.

J'avais oublié que le fils de mon neveu allait avoir sa première fête de l'enfance, qui est le 5 mai, à l'origine appelée «Tango no Sekku» ou Festival des garçons.
Je me suis souvenue du jour où mon fils a reçu beaucoup de cadeaux lui souhaitant une croissance saine.
Je suis partie en fin d'après-midi hier et je suis allée dans un grand magasin à Nagoya et j'ai trouvé un cadeau approprié pour un garçon d'un an.
Mon neveu aura 29 ans le mois prochain, comme d'autres jeunes hommes, il a l'air très jeune, mais il est maintenant un chef de famille fiable.