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2017-04-06 06:07

My father wanted to walk in the garden since it was warm yesterday. Last year, he was able to enjoy

Since it was warm yesterday my father wanted to walk in the garden.
Just one year ago, he was able to enjoy the cherry blossoms in his garden and also I took him to the nearest park to see the different types of cherry blossoms which are darker pink.
Yesterday, however, he couldn't tell the difference between them. All the flowers were a similar color. It is a shame. Even though he had an opportunity to have a beautiful day, viewing the "Sakura" was not a special spring event for him anymore. He said I was wearing a nice dress, but he was not able to tell if it was pale pink or not.
Mon père a voulu marcher dans le jardin car il faisait chaud hier.
L'année dernière, il a pu admirer les fleurs de cerisiers dans son jardin et dans le parc le plus proche de chez lui.
Hier, cependant, il pouvait seulement dire qu'il y avait beaucoup de fleurs, mais toutes les fleurs étaient de couleur similaire pour lui.
C'est dommage! Même s'il a pu profiter d'une belle journée, la fleur de "Sakura" n'est plus une fleur de printemps spéciale pour lui.
Il a dit que je portais une belle robe, mais il ne pouvait pas dire qu'elle était rose.