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2017-04-16 07:51

The other day, my train was delayed because of an accident.
The train I took that day was supposed to leave the station 20 minutes before I got on. So many passengers were already on it, and I had to squeeze myself and my luggage into a mass of passengers. Maybe a few trains were canceled, so people had to take the same one. The train announced that someone was involved in an accident, because passengers tend to not complain about delays if they are caused by an accident where someone may have been injured, whereas, they usually get upset the delays are caused by the train company.

L'autre jour à cause d'un accident, mon train a été retardé.
Le train que j'ai pris ce jour là aurait dû partir 20 minutes avant que je monte dedans.
Il y avait tant de passagers que je devais me serrer avec mes bagages. À part aux heures de pointe, cela m'arrive rarement.
Peut-être que quelques trains ont été annulés, et les gens devaient tous prendre le même.
L'annonce du train a déclaré qu'une personne était impliquée dans l'accident.
Quand ils disent cela les passagers se plaignent rarement du retard.