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2017-04-25 06:05


When I speak English, I often notice that my usage of words and grammar are not correct, but I want to say what I have in mind quickly, as a result, I speak rapidly, ignoring my mistakes.
One of the teachers in my language school, who has been teaching me for years, said that he knew that I usually noticed my mistakes, so my errors were not that important. It was very kind of him, but I want to speak advanced English, so I need teachers to correct my English more strictly.
Naturally, I speak Japanese hurriedly too, so people around me often tell me that they cannot follow me. My son used to say that I was a nonstop talker, just like a machine gun.

Quand je parle anglais, je remarque souvent que mon utilisation des mots et de la grammaire n'est pas correcte. Mais je veux dire ce que j'ai à l'esprit sur le moment, alors je parle rapidement en ignorant mes erreurs.
Naturellement je parle japonais à la hâte, et les gens autour de moi me disent souvent qu'ils ne peuvent pas me suivre. Mon fils avait l'habitude de dire que la façon dont je parle est comme une mitrailleuse. J'essaie d'être attentive et de parler plus lentement, mais ma nature revient très vite.