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2017-06-14 05:44


My son often says I am a pushover, and that I take people's words too easily. He also says I should be especially careful about sales pitches. Even though I have tried to be more firm, I haven't been able to change my innate character. He sometimes gets upset when he observes my careless behavior.

In my husband's case, he is too soft when it comes to women. He told me that I should not take in more cats, but he himself bought a pet carrier, and took in a kitten yesterday evening.
One of our friends has a cat that had a batch of kittens, and, since she often brings him small gifts, (not to me), he couldn't say no when she mentioned that she was looking for a good home for the last of the litter.
So, I rushed to a shop to buy some food for the one-month-old cat, and prepared a bed for her. I guess we are both pushovers sometimes.

Mon fils dit souvent que je suis une pâte molle, je crois ce que disent les gens trop facilement et surtout, je dois faire attention aux promotions du commerce.
Même si j'ai essayé d'être plus ferme, je n'ai pas réussi à changer mon caractère inné. Il est troublant parfois d'observer mon comportement stupide.
En ce qui concerne mon mari, il est trop doux avec les femmes. Il m'a dit que je ne devais plus accueillir de chats, mais il a lui-même acheté une caisse de transport pour animaux de compagnie et nous a ramené un nouveau chaton hier soir. Je me suis précipitée dans un magasin pour acheter de la nourriture pour chat pour un mois et j'ai préparé une couche pour elle.